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Lyf Pay: The license plate payment service

Lyf and Parcus: a first brick of innovation for parking

The two companies are making it easier to enter and exit car parks on a daily basis, with the launch of a parking payment solution based on number plates for visitors to Parcus car parks.

In concrete terms, the customer registers the number plate of his vehicle directly in the Lyf Pay application.

When entering the car park, the number plate is recognised and the barrier is automatically raised.
On leaving the car park, the license plate is read again and the payment is made without any action being required. The barrier opens and the payment receipt is immediately available in the Lyf Pay application.
The Lyf and Parcus mobile parking payment offer guarantees customers:

Fast and contactless access, thanks to license plate recognition at the entrance and exit of the car park;
Automatic debiting of the parking fee after exit: no need to go to the cashier;
A service that facilitates the use of the car park and enhances user comfort, notably by meeting the challenges of zero waste through the dematerialisation of the ticket.
This service is available in the following car parks: Parcus Coubertin, St-Nicolas, Opéra Broglie, Gutenberg, Austerlitz, Centre historique Petite France, Europe Wacken, P1 Marais vert, P2 Sébastopol, P3 Wilson, Etoile Commerce and Ste-Odile (in Obernai).