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Frequently asked questions

Questions relating to parking passes

Is there a multi-car park parking pass offering access to several car parks?

There is currently no such parking pass available.

I am a pass holder but the car park is showing ‘full’. Can I still enter the car park?

You can enter the car park, but there is no guarantee that you will find a space.

What happens if I exceed the times allowed by my parking pass?

You will be able to exit the car park once you have settled any excess parking fares.

Can you have two parking passes with a single subscription?

No, only one parking pass is issued per vehicle as entry and exit to and from the car park must be registered with the same pass.

I left my parking pass at home, but have taken a ticket at the entry terminal. Will the car park attendant open the barrier without me having to pay? If I do have to pay, can I get a refund?

No. As stated in Article 2 of our General Terms and Conditions: “Pass holders are required to use the means of access (pass, smart card, etc.) (...) issued to them by Parcus each time they enter or exit the car park. Failing this, the pass holder will be obliged to pay the current time-based parking fare, and will not be entitled to request a refund thereafter.

Questions relating to our car parks

What are the dimensions of a parking space?

A standard space for right-angle parking is 2.30 m wide by 5 m long.

What is the maximum vehicle height for entering a car park?

Vehicle height is restricted to 1.90 m (1.85 m for the P1 Esplanade car park). As a precaution, each car park has a height barrier at the entrance.


Can I park wherever and however I want in a car park?

You may park in any space as long as you do not park unjustifiably in reserved spaces, such as those reserved for persons with reduced mobility, electric vehicle charging, car sharing vehicles, motorcycles, etc. These are always indicated on the ground or at the end of the space.
Please take care to park your vehicle within a single space, even if you feel that you would be more comfortable parking across two spaces for more room.
Reversing is only permitted for leaving parking spaces. This means that you must enter all parking spaces in a forward direction (see Parcus Car Park Regulations).

What is a Courtesy space?

Courtesy spaces can be identified by a pink, heart-shaped sign, positioned at the end of the space.
These spaces, which are frequently located close to pedestrian exits are reserved for people who have difficulty moving around (parents with young children, the aged, people transporting bulky or heavy items, etc.). Please show courtesy by leaving these spaces free.

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