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Push-scooter renta

In 2018, Parcus and the start-up company KNOT are testing a push-scooter rental service to facilitate access to the city from car parks.

This service (provided on a paying basis) is planned for the following car parks: Opéra Broglie - Esplanade - Gutenberg - Austerlitz - St Nicolas - Centre Historique Petite France - Ste Aurélie Gare - Halles P3 Wilson.

Knot is a self-service push-scooter solution which you access using a mobile app. Push scooters are the ideal solution for the final kilometre of journeys into the city, for getting around university or business campuses or travelling between a railway station and your workplace. They are compact and easy to use, can be used in conjunction with other forms of transport and are designed for riding on pavements.

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