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Rental of electric scooters

In 2018, PARCUS, together with the start-up KNOT, developed a scooter rental service (for a fee) to make it easier to get around the city when leaving car parks.

Since 1 March 2021, a new contract has been signed to set up electric scooter rental stations on an experimental basis.

Today, the Parcus network consists of 7 stations located in the car parks Centre Historique Petite France, Austerlitz, Ste-Aurélie Gare, Rivetoile cinéma, Saint-Nicolas, Opéra Broglie, Gutenberg and on the site of Marché Gare.

There are 22 scooters available for hire at all the stations, accessible 24/7.

Prices :

1 € for unlocking + 0.16 cts per minute

Two passes are available: €6 per 2 hours - €10 per 8 hours (to be selected when the scooter is unlocked)

Scooter rental works in a one-way loop mode, allowing the user to pick up a scooter at one station and return it to another. The customer journey is entirely paperless thanks to the Knot City mobile application (compatible with Android and Apple).

The more stations there are, the larger the network will be, the easier it will be to move around. 

Companies wishing to join the network and set up a rental station for electric scooters can contact the Parcus sales department:

KNOT is a self-service scooter solution, managed from a mobile application. A dedicated means of transport for the last mile, in the city, on university campuses or companies, between a station and a workplace. Compact and easy to use, the scooter is adapted to multimodal journeys.


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