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Parcus - Borne de recharge

Electric vehicle charging station

For drivers of electric vehicles, Parcus provides designated parking spaces with EV charging stations for easier journeys and optimised parking. These seats are reserved for laden vehicles only.

The operation of these terminals is entrusted to the Freshmile company.

The single rate in Strasbourg in the Parcus car parks is

0.50 € per session + 0.60 €/kWh started (excluding parking costs).

Between 7am and 8pm, without consumption: 0.02€/minute. The rate continues as long as the vehicle is connected.

(Tariff in force on 1 August 2022)

The offer is available to all: occasional customers or Freshmile Pass subscribers. Simply flash the QR Code located on the terminal with your smartphone or Freshmile app to start a charge.

To date, 38 charging points are available in 9 car parks:

Bateliers: 2 charging points

Gutenberg: 2 charging points

Austerlitz: 5 charging points

St-Nicolas: 2 charging points

Centre historique Petite France: 6 charging points

Opera Broglie: 5 charging points

Coubertin: 12 charging points

P3 Wilson (car park under construction): 2 charge points during construction work

Europe Wacken : 2 charging points


To find out the type of socket and power of the car park terminals, click on the link below:


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