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Parcus - Parc à vélos

Bike parking and services

Parcus encourages people to optimise journeys by combining different forms of transport. That is why it has created free bike parking stations at the following car parks: Opéra Broglie (parking for 60 bikes) - Austerlitz (parking for 192 bikes) - St Nicolas (parking for 22 bikes) - Halles P3 Wilson (parking for 36 bikes) - Etoile P2 Cinéma (parking for 53 bikes).

Parcus provides cyclists with free access to the following items: Bike repair kit (rubber patches and glue), bike lock and bicycle pump.

Important: Bike parking stations should not be used as a personal bike storage facility. Bicycles that remain unused for long periods of time will be regularly removed.

The Austerlitz and Opéra Broglie car parks also have an automated Vélhop station for renting city bikes.

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