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PARCUS - Mobilité - Le stationnement à Strasbourg

Parking in Strasbourg

The fares in operation in Parcus car parks have been established in conjunction with Strasbourg Eurométropole as part of its policy on parking.

Car park fares vary according to the car park’s location and whether parking is short-stay, mid-stay or long-stay. The aim is to make the most efficient use of the existing parking spaces, by increasing the turnover of users for the most popular spaces and encouraging people to use other available spaces.

Short-stay parking: Gutenberg, Opéra Broglie.
Mid-stay parking: Halles P1 Marais Vert, Halles P2 Sébastopol, Halles P3 Wilson, Austerlitz, Bateliers, Saint Nicolas, Nouvel Hôpital Civil.
Long-stay parking: Centre Historique Petite France, P1 Esplanade Centre Commercial, Sainte Aurélie Gare.

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