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Removal of permanently parked bikes in Parcus bike parking stations

Although our bike parking stations are free to use, they are not intended for year-round bike storage. Just like with cars, bikes that remain parked and unused for long periods of time are identified and removed.

If a bike is identified as being permanently parked, a sticker is placed on the saddle to inform its owner that in one month’s time the bike will be transferred to a storeroom. From then on, the owner will have one further month to collect the bike, after which it will be donated to an association.

If you cannot locate your bike and think it might be in our storeroom, contact the car park attendant quickly. If we still have the bike, you can reclaim it by bringing with you all necessary proof of ownership (bike lock key or receipt of purchase with serial number).

The bike parking station is not a personal storage facility. Please respect our rules of use.