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PARCUS - Notre société - Ses réseaux nationaux

Parcus within National Networks

‘The local semi-public service provider Parcus is supported by and involved in various national networks, which help it to perform efficiently at local level’

  • Parcus is part of the ‘Services, Conseil, Expertises & Territoires’ (SCET) network (CDC Group)

SCET is a project engineering company which accompanies local authorities and the companies with which they work – such as local public enterprises or social housing providers – at all project stages from concept design to execution and management.

  • Parcus is a member of the Local Public Enterprise Federation

The Fédération des Entreprises Publiques (Local Public Enterprise Federation) has been working with a modern and efficient vision of local public action for the last 60 years. The federation is the only organisation to represent France’s 1,200 local public enterprises, including semi-public companies (SEMs), local public companies (SPLs) and single operation semi-public companies (SEMOPs). The federation is affiliated with a European network of 25,000 local public enterprises through the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services (CEEP).

  • Parcus is a member of the ISOSEM group

This group of SCET members includes nine semi-public car park operators: Cenovia (Le Mans), Citedia (Rennes), Troyes Parc Auto (Troyes), Parcogest (Roubaix), Champagne Parc Auto (Reims), Rouen Park (Rouen), Valenciennes Stationnement (Valenciennes), Lyon Parc Auto (Lyon), and Parcus (Strasbourg). The group was created in order to have a shared policy on quality and common methods and tools.

  • Parcus is a member of the National Federation of Car Parking Activities (FNMS)

The Fédération Nationale des Métiers du Stationnement (National Federation of Car Parking Activities) offers a forum for exchange and debate between the various stakeholders, operators and service providers involved in the car parking sector. The aim is to advance knowledge, share experiences and enhance the various skills connected with car parking. FNMS is proactive in making proposals to public authorities.

In France, nearly 2,000 parking facilities are open to the public. Of the 3 million parking spaces available, some 1.3 million are subject to regulation.

  • Parcus and CGI

In 2016, a partnership was signed with the IT provider CGI to develop, manufacture and market a pilot parking observatory to be trialled by Parcus.

This observatory tested a system for collecting and processing local data relating to paying on-street parking and car park facilities. The initiative was part of the preparation for the decentralisation of car parking management on 1 January 2018.


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