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PARCUS - Notre société - Certifié ISO 9001

Parcus – An ISO 9001 certified organisation

‘Quality assurance certified by a third party and practices shared with eight other semi-public parking companies (ISOSEM Group)’

Quality assurance

Parcus has been Quality Assured ISO 9001 for Parking & Services since April 2009. This quality management system is part of a strategy decided by management, which seeks to enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring that their demands are met.

The system was gradually deployed throughout the entire business thanks to the implication of its entire staff, for which this initiative has led to better working conditions.

The six fundamental commitments of the Parcus Quality Assurance programme are:

  • Compliance with contractual commitments made to car park owners

Parcus respects the contractual requirements of its clients. Whether they require reporting, user traffic figures, satisfaction surveys or management indicators, we send them the necessary data on a regular basis.

Parcus also updates clients about its latest activities and news.

Commitment fulfilment rate for 2016: 90%

  • Compliance with safety regulations in our car parks

Our car parks are equipped with safety systems (e.g. fire detection systems, carbon monoxide alarms and back-up systems), in compliance with the applicable car park regulations.

Regular inspections are conducted by approved bodies like Socotec and Veritas, and a report is issued thereafter.

Regulatory compliance rate for 2016: 100%

  • Optimum performance of our facilities

Each parking facility is individually monitored in real time.

Service disruptions and maintenance operations are recorded to keep track of ageing facilities.

Maintenance contracts are established, in accordance with the current preventive maintenance standards.

We also agree special clauses with our service providers, so as to benefit from shorter response times and keep any downtime to a minimum.

In addition, our staff have access to manuals that allow them to handle basic incidents or system failures (level 1 maintenance operations). They also receive practical training in this area.

Car park availability rate for 2016: 88.9%

Over the last four years, the availability rate for the car parks we operate improved by 60%.

  • A greater sense of comfort for our car park users

Our car parks are always staffed either by a car park attendant or an external service provider’s personnel, depending on user traffic and the time of day.

In addition, better background music (‘Radio Parcus’), improved lighting and the hosting of occasional events, help to increase users’ sense of comfort and security.

Customer satisfaction rate for comfort for 2016: 77%

  • Ever better customer care

Our HR department has introduced a customer care training plan, which has been followed by all Parcus car park attendants.

Customer satisfaction rate for customer care for 2016: 89%

A Customer Feedback sheet is available to anyone wishing to report an incident, request a reimbursement, make a complaint or submit suggestions. Parcus promises to deal with all Customer Feedback sheets and to reply within two weeks. The Quality Manager regularly monitors the satisfaction targets in place for the car park and takes measures to improve and remedy any situations that so require.

  • Ever cleaner facilities

Cleaning schedules are set on a monthly basis and allow us to ensure an excellent standard of cleanliness at our sites.

Our responsive procedures allow us to modify these schedules if additional cleaning is required.

The Car Park Manager and the Quality Control Manager verify the work of our car park employees.

Customer satisfaction surveys allow us to keep track of customer satisfaction rates and to implement corrective actions to improve them wherever necessary.

Customer satisfaction rate for cleanliness for 2016: 76%

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