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PARCUS - Notre société - en quelques chiffres

Parcus in Facts and Figures

The semi-public company (SAEM) Parcus currently employs 83 people.

Parcus operates 16 car parks, including 14 purpose-built car parks and 2 open-air ones, with a total capacity of 7,440 spaces.

In 2016, Parcus provided parking to over 2.9 million customers paying fares based on length of stay and had 7,500 registered parking pass holders.

Based on this, the company reported pre-tax sales of 11.15 million euros for the 2016 financial year. This figure is essentially composed of fares paid based on length of stay and parking pass subscriptions for the various car parks operated under concession, lease or public service delegation contracts (Broglie, Gutenberg, Austerlitz, Bateliers, Centre Historique Petite France, Ste Aurélie Gare, St Nicolas and Esplanade).

Parcus’ revenues in 2016 also included fees received for the provision of management services for the three car parks of the Les Halles shopping centre and fares from the on-street parking that it manages.

                         Sales                         Total revenue 

  Year        (fares & passes)                  ( excl. tax)      

                      (excl. tax) 

  2016          €11.152.732                    €23.127.860 
  2015          €10.359.723                    €22.143.350 
  2014          €9.718.003                      €23.521.171 

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