Quality at all levels

PARCUS received the ISO 9001 certification for Parking Services in April 2009. Choosing a quality management solution that meets customer requirements was clearly a strategic decision to increase customer satisfaction.
The solution was implemented step-by-step. All Parcus employees were involved in the process and they were able to measure how it improved their working conditions


Here are our 6 commitments to quality:

  1. Stay committed towards our contract suppliers. The parking/service requirements of our customers are met and regularly submitted to our various customers (statistics, attendance rate, satisfaction enquiry, dashboard…) Parcus also informs its customers about specific events/notices.

  2. Apply security and safety regulations in our facilities. Our car parks meet the safety and security standards specific to each type of facility (i.e. fire detection, CO2 control, emergency devices…). Scheduled and authorized controls and their subsequent reports are performed by certified companies: Socotec and Veritas.

  3. Optimize equipment operation.  Each piece of equipment in operation is monitored in real time. Breakdowns and repair interventions are listed to study the ageing of the concerned equipment. Maintenance contracts have been signed in compliance with current legislation for preventive maintenance. New clauses also allow for quicker reactivity of maintenance companies and help reduce unavVisuel Engagementailability of equipment. Our agents also have instruction manuals to help them react quickly in case of breakdown or incident (level-1 maintenance). They attend a specific training for that purpose.                                                                                                                                     

  4. Increase the sense of comfort of our customers. Depending on car park attendance, there will be one or more attendants on site (and occasionally maintenance /repair personnel and/or special event personnel). The Radio Parcus broadcast and the coloured lighting on each level also contribute to an increased sense of security.  Special events such as free breakfast and St Nicholas treats also add to greater comfort

  5. .Improving the welcoming of customers. Our Human Resources Department has designed a training program for all Parcus attendants on how to better welcome customers. All our attendants attended the training. A satisfaction enquiry leaflet (Fiche retour client) is available to all customers to report an incident, file a claim, a money-back claim or share suggestions. Parcus is dedicated to answering these customer claims within 15 days. The Quality control Manager checks regularly a set of indicators set up for each car park and he undertakes the necessary action (improvement/correction) when necessary.

  6. Work constantly on improving the cleanliness of our car parks Monthly schedules are set up to keep our facilities in a top clean condition. A specific procedure allows for quick reaction in case of incident. The cleaning attendants’ work is checked by both the Car parks Manager and the Quality control Manager.

Customer satisfaction surveys are led on a regular basis. The information provided allows Parcus to adjust the satisfaction criteria and to implement, when possible, modifications or improvements.


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