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Cleaning Employee

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Under the authority of the Car Park Manager, the Cleaning Employee performs cleaning tasks and ensures the cleanliness of the car park in order to provide customers with a high quality service and to convey a positive corporate image.

S/he works with the Car Park Attendant with respect to the surveillance, operation and safety of the car park.  

Dealing directly with customers, s/he must ensure that a high quality of service is provided and that a positive corporate image is conveyed.

The main tasks in this role are as follows:

  • Car Park Hygiene:
    Performing cleaning tasks to ensure the cleanliness inside and directly around the car park, as requested by the Car Park Manager. This especially includes building interiors, adjacent rooms, toilets, equipment, pay stations, waste containers, green spaces, etc.

Collecting all rubbish; emptying waste containers and dustbins and clean them by hand.

  • Maintenance/Repairs:
    Performing various maintenance tasks on the car park’s various facilities and equipment. Performing minor repair interventions throughout the car park.

Performing minor paint jobs.

  • Replacement of Car Park Attendants:
    Standing in for car park attendants (customer care, processing of payments, patrol rounds, etc.).*
  • General tasks:
    Performing surveillance duties for the car park and any connected areas.

Answering customer enquiries (information, assistance, etc.).

Applying company safety and quality procedures.

Providing feedback to your supervisor regarding the performance of your duties, any problems encountered or suggestions for improving car park operations.

Based on the needs of the work organisation, the Cleaning Employee may be required to perform other related tasks not listed here.

Skills & experience

No prior qualifications required.

Familiarity with payment systems and buildings would be an advantage.

DIY skills.

Electrical skills (Habilitation électrique BE manœuvre).

Personal attributes

- Good presentation

- Good interpersonal skills

- Enthusiastic

- Sense of service and enjoyment in a service position

- Punctual and rigorous attitude

- Respect for hierarchy

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