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Parking Vouchers

Parking Vouchers are designed for business owners, (shops, restaurants, service companies, etc.), who wish to make life easier for patrons by offering them free parking. Offering free parking is also a way of rewarding customer loyalty.

The Parking Voucher system is in operation in all of our car parks and vouchers are issued for a specific car park.

Parking Vouchers may be purchased by businesses for the duration of parking that they wish to offer patrons (e.g. 1 hr, 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 10 hrs, 24 hrs).

Minimum order quantity: 50 Parking Vouchers.

How does it work? The patron parks in the Austerlitz car park. On arrival, he takes a ticket at the car park entry terminal. The shop/restaurant/business he visits gives him a Parking Voucher for one hour’s parking in the Austerlitz car park. The patron returns to his car two and a half hours later. At the automated pay station, he inserts his parking ticket and the amount due is displayed. He then inserts the Parking Voucher, which will deduct the equivalent of one hour. The new amount due is displayed and the patron pays this difference.

For any information about car park vouchers, please contact us at 03 88 27 09 09 or by email at

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