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Flat weekend rate at the Ste Aurélie Gare car park

The flat weekend rate is available exclusively at the Ste Aurélie Gare car park.

A flat rate of €20 (price as of 1 January 2022) will apply for parking between 1:00 pm on Fridays and 11:59 pm on Mondays (valid for a single entry/exit only).

The Weekend pass is not applied for entry into the car park before 1 p.m. (no accumulation). In this case, the hourly rate will apply for the entire parking period.

To benefit from this rate, please see the car park attendant immediately after parking your vehicle.

No spaces are reserved for this category of parking.

Payment must be made directly to the car park attendant who will issue you a ticket expiring at 11:59 pm on the Monday.

If you remain parked for longer (past 11:59 pm on the Monday), the car park’s time-based parking fares will apply. Any excess fares are to be paid to the car park attendant on departure.

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