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Parking assistance

In 2018, Parcus, in partnership with CGI, developed the APILA parking assistance app for the city of Strasbourg. This app helps you to navigate and search for available parking spaces, either in car parks or on the street.

In operation soon, in the streets of Strasbourg.

Apila is the first community-based navigation and parking information app.

Save time and economise on fuel while making life easier for yourself, thanks to real-time information shared by car users in your city.

By using Apila when you drive and park, you can share accurate information with other car users nearby regarding the spaces available on the street and in car parks.

Apila uses the information that you share and billions of data from its partners to provide you with real-time info on how long it will take you to find a space at your destination and in which streets and car parks to find one.

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