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Prends ma place avec Parcus – Platform for reserving a parking space

Parcus has entered into a partnership with the Strasbourg-based start-up company Prendsmaplace. Together they have created the platform Prends ma place by Parcus.

Prends ma place avec Parcus – Take my place by Parcus –  is a platform that connects the owners of one or more parking spaces with motorists looking for a parking space for a variable period of time, throughout the whole of Alsace.

You are looking for a parking space

Visit the platform Please be as precise as possible about the parking location you are looking for (street name, neighbourhood). Select the period of the month/day. You can add filters or selection criteria. Click on Find a car park.

The offers corresponding to your search appear in the form of classified ads and are also located on a map.

Make your choice. All you have to do is contact the owner of the property you are interested in.

As a car park operator in the Eurometropole, Parcus offers parking spaces in some of its car parks. 18 packages are offered in 9 car parks, including Opéra Broglie, St Nicolas, Austerlitz, Ste Aurélie. 

You are offering a parking space for hire

Visit the platform Click on Rent your car park and create an account. Let us guide you, it’s very easy: describe your property, add photos, propose a price, fill in the required information.

You will be contacted directly by an interested motorist. Everything is planned so that the transaction goes smoothly (insurance, contract, secure payment).

The platform is user-friendly and we want it to be the same for exchanges between owner and tenant. The transaction and the actors are evaluated at each sale.

Talk about it around you, spread the word about the Prends ma place platform with Parcus.

The more parking spaces on offer, the better it will meet demand.