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Dismantling of the exhibition on 15 September 2021

Le retour du peintre – An exhibition by Baptiste Filippi at the Centre historique Petite France car park

Baptiste Filippi, a former student of the Hear  (Haute école des arts deu Rhin), is presenting an exhibition entitled Le retour du peintre (The Painter’s Return) at the Centre historique Petite France car park. It is a series of prints paying tribute to the advertising slogan of his late Twingo “Twingo, it’s up to you to invent the life that goes with it”.

“It took me from Strasbourg to Dresden, taking one last flight on the German motorways. As part of an artistic residency, I stripped its bodywork. I engraved bits of it and printed them out.

This new exhibition was made possible by the sponsorship policy Parcus has been pursuing for several years.