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Parcus and Local partnerships

‘Parcus is deeply involved in mobility and urban development issues thanks to local partnerships’

  • Partnership with SERS (the semi-public urban development and public works company for the Strasbourg region)

In 2018, Parcus and SERS entered into partnership, creating a joint subsidiary to acquire, build and manage car parks.

As specialist local operators, they seek to achieve synergies together by ensuring that car parking and urban development issues are tackled as a whole.

  • Partnership with Crédit Mutuel

Parcus and the Crédit Mutuel bank created a joint limited company for the construction of the Coubertin car park (740 spaces) in Strasbourg’s new business quarter in Wacken.

  • Partnership with the Strasbourg Agency for Urban Development and Design (ADEUS)

Parcus is an associate member of ADEUS. The two parties have entered into an agreement for the implementation of a car parking observatory for the city of Strasbourg.

ADEUS analyses and applies data supplied by Parcus on car parks and on-street parking.

The first report based on this data was published in 2017.

  • Parcus is a shareholder and director of Strasbourg Mobilités

Strasbourg Mobilités, which is 70% owned by CTS, promotes alternative, environmentally friendly forms of urban public transportation. Acting as a think tank for ideas and innovation, its capital is contributed by the main local urban mobility stakeholders.

One of the key missions of Strasbourg Mobilités is to promote bike use.

The aim of its partnership with Parcus is to encourage the combined use of bikes and parking and to combine reflection on these aspects.

  • Parcus is a shareholder and board member of Citiz

Originally founded in 2002 with the name France-Autopartage, Citiz is a cooperative car sharing system created by a few pioneering residents groups in Marseille, Lyon, Grenoble and Strasbourg. Its aim is to promote user-friendly car sharing services at convenient local locations. The Citiz network currently comprises 15 local independent car sharing operators.

Parcus and Citiz have agreed a partnership to facilitate access to car sharing vehicles in car parks within Strasbourg Eurométropole.

  • Parcus sits on the management committee of the local business association ‘Les Vitrines de Strasbourg’

For nearly the last 60 years, Les Vitrines de Strasbourg have played an active role in local life by helping to develop the local economy and make the city a vibrant place. As one of today’s largest associations of shop and business owners in France with over 700 members, this veritable Strasbourgois institution is a major player in matters of city life.

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