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PARCUS - Notre société - Un savoir faire et des ambitions

Parcus – Expertise and Ambition

Building on its local experience to adapt to the deeply changing nature of the business’

Parcus has developed local expertise and an in-depth understanding of the car parking issues of Strasbourg Eurométropole, thanks to its all-round experience of the business. This enables it to:

  • Be proactive in proposing parking strategies,
  • Understand exactly how each car parking facility operates,
  • Perform maintenance and repair operations itself (enhancing efficiency by improving response times and significantly reducing downtimes),
  • Provide reliable and secure monitoring of income,
  • Produce reporting to assist business monitoring and management,
  • Adapt car parks to their geographical location and economic environment,
  • Customise products based on customer requests,
  • Be capable of adapting to new contexts,
  • Be focused on providing comfort and service quality to customers,
  • Open up car parks to promotions and events,
  • Provide reliable and secure monitoring of income, (doublon !!!!!! A vérifier dans la version F et puis supprimer celui-ci)
  • Be innovative, like, for example, with the local car parking observatory, a one-of-a-kind experiment in France, carried out prior to the decentralisation of car parking management in 2018.

Our ambition: To be a driving force in implementing local parking strategies

Developing car parking facilities

Parcus operates 13 car parks in the Eurométropole and at the University hospital complex under public service delegation contracts (or service contracts for the Les Halles shopping centre car parks).

It aims to complement this offer with an offer of private car parks that are accessible to the general public.

Parcus creates new facilities, either by:

  • Building or acquiring car parks (three projects are underway), or,
  • Establishing operating agreements with private car park owners.
    Parcus seeks to open up a wide range of private car parking facilities to the public. It wishes to make the most effective use of existing spaces in private car parks through booking or parking pass systems.These new parking options come in addition to public car park facilities

Enhancing and modernising our car parking facilities

  • Enhancement

The aim is to improve the attractiveness of car parks, to make them more people-friendly and upgrade them with the introduction of new technologies.

Embellishing car parks is one of Parcus’ priorities. It aims to make each car park unique by bringing in designers, artists and the like. For each car park, an identity connected with the urban environment or local neighbourhood is sought.

To modernise the image of its car parks and make them more convivial, Parcus organises exhibitions and events within them (exhibitions held in 2016/2017).

  • Modernisation

Thanks to an R&D budget and several partnerships, Parcus is working hard to introduce and remain a step ahead of new technologies and digital innovations in its car parks.

It aims to anticipate digital developments in areas such as autonomous cars and electric vehicles and offer parking assistance (Apila app), electronic payment, remote surveillance and more.

Parcus combines remote surveillance and management with a staffed presence. It wishes to continue having car park attendants, which is something customers feel strongly about.

Developing related services in car parks

Parcus continues to expand its services.

It keeps abreast of customers’ new digital behaviours and is undertaking a scheme of modernisation (number plate scanners to facilitate access to car parks, online booking, online payment, information terminals, etc.).

Parcus has developed a whole range of additional services (free loan of an umbrella or pushchair, lockers for motorcyclists, etc.), and is constantly seeking new services to offer, like its push-scooter rental service.

Parcus also aims to facilitate connections with more environmentally friendly forms of transport, such as cycling and car sharing.

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