Parking in Strasbourg

3 zones, 3 colours, 3 rates

The city of Strasbourg was divided into 3 zones: red, orange, green.

  • Short term parking: red zone
  • Medium term parking: orange zone
  • Long term parking: green zone

Download map of parking zones - PDF (3.35 Mo)

Parking rates (on-street or inside car parks) vary according to the zone you want to park into. They range from highest rate in the very heart of the city (red zone) to the lowest rate zone, farthest from city center, (green zone).



On-street rate

Car park rate

Red zone

1,90€ per hour

1,70€ per hour

Orange zone

1,50 € per hour

1,30per hour€

Green zone

0.50€ per hour or 1€ for 3 hours

P + R 2.90€ or 3.20€

You can also park in blue zones for free within the authorized time frame displayed on the parking disc. To park in blue zones, you must place a parking disc which will be visible through the windshield on your dashboard.    

Parking discs are available at the attendant’s booth.

The complete information about operating hours, rates, access….can be found in the leaflet about Parcus car parks in Strasbourg.

To receive the information leaflet, write to:

PARCUS - Service communication
55 rue du Marché-Gare