1. 09/05/2011

    Vélhop at Opéra Broglie and Austerlitz car parks

    A new Vélhop (bicycle rental) automatic station will open very soon at the Opéra Broglie and Austerlitz car parks.

  2. 09/05/2011

    GR TOTAL card accepted at Ste Aurélie, Gutenberg and airport car parks 

    The GR TOTAL card used by many business professionals for petrol expenses is now accepted at the Ste Aurélie and airport car parks.

  3. 09/05/2011

    New pay stations at « les Halles » car parks 

    New pay stations were installed at the Halles P1 Marais vert, P2 Sébastopol and P3 Wilson car parks. Bank cards are now accepted in all automatic pay stations.