Legal status

Legal status of Parcus: semi-public company 

Head office: 55 rue du Marché-Gare 67200 STRASBOURG

Share capital: 2.800.000 euros

Incorporated: 13th May, 1973 – Time period: 99 years

Company registrar number:  73 B 496

By-laws validated by ministerial order of 10 April, 1973

Approval of public local authorities’ participation:

Communauté Urbaine (CUS) - Deliberation 24 March, 1972 (Ministerial order 10 April, 1973)
Ville de Strasbourg – Deliberation 15 May, 1972

Chairman: Claude FROEHLY, Vice-President Communauté Urbaine(CUS)

Managing Director: Didier ROUSSEAU


  • CommunautĂ© Urbaine de Strasbourg   50 %
  • City of Strasbourg 10 %
  • Central and local financial bodies 40 %


Parcus is a semi-public company and an instrument for public local authorities.
Investors expect Parcus to be a successful and profitable company who meets the global needs of the greater Strasbourg and who provides quality service to its customers.

Parcus Administrators representing both the CUS and the Ville de Strasbourg

Chairman: Claude FROEHLY

Managing Director : Didier ROUSSEAU



1st Deputy Mayor of Illkirch-Graffenstaden

Vice-President CUS

Conseiller Général of Bas-Rhin

Françoise BUFFET

Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of Climate and Green development

Member of the Community Council (CUS)

Jean-Jacques GSELL

District deputy for the Gare and Kléber districts, in charge of Tourism, Business and Small businesses

Member of the Community Council (CUS)


Mayor of Fegersheim

Member of the Community Council (CUS)

Raphaël NISAND

Mayor of Schiltigheim

Vice-President CUS

Member of the Bas-Rhin Conseil Général


Vice-President CUS

Deputy Mayor in charge of Integration

Member of the Bas-Rhin Conseil Général